I like collecting air miles, planning my travel wardrobe a week in advance and never saying no.

Author: Noor De Groot, 28

I’m Noor, I like collecting air miles, planning my travel wardrobe a week in advance and never saying no.

I started out sharing my life on the Internet, years ago, for my love of photography and just for the sake of it. I had just finished university, graduated Museum Studies, and made the decision to not settle for the traditional way of continuing my life but to start my own business. There was so much life to live and so much to do. Many young people live their lives how they’ve been told, like how they’ve seen their parents and friends do it. I personally felt like I needed to discover every little part of life, feel as alive as I could and explore the world.

And so I did, I tried many new things, made more mistakes than I like to remember and worked my ass off to win. Win in life, win with my business and fight for everything that I build today. Picked up a nice man along the ride, learned about love, failed and succeeded all at the same thing and ended up getting everything I wanted and worked for. To make life a little more complicated this nice man was a DJ which ‘forced’ me to go on the craziest trips around the globe, and so Queen of Jet Lags was born.

Up until this day I feel extremely thankful that I have had the freedom to make this decision and that I’ve taken this road. Being a young creative and traveling the world, and that being my full time job, is more than I could ever wished for.  This way of living means everything to me as its part of who I have become. The freedom to choose my own life is the biggest luxury to me and I’ve received so much in return.

Life is an adventure and once you’re brave enough to face it as it is and to take on everything, you will most likely feel the most alive ever. No matter what direction you’re going. No matter if it’s love or business, if it’s about family or friends. If getting out of your comfort zone would be so comfortable the reward wouldn’t be magic. To me feeling everything means to always say yes, even if you’re afraid and enjoying everyday in experiencing the inexperienced.

I hope to continue living life to the fullest, feeling everything that’s happening to the max, and keep on paving new paths and discover undiscovered places.